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Winner january 2018


Janie Cristina Salskov


Emotional portrait by Salskov, Viborg
"I love faces with expressions that tells a story. This girl has such a unique look and it's also shot with the right sentimental setting, on a cold autumn day."


The winner of our "Image of the month" contest for January is Janie Cristina Salskov!

Portrait photographer and Nikon School teacher Therese Asplund's motivation for the winning image is:

This was one of the photos that caught my attention instantly. In addition of being technically very good, I love the expression that the photographer managed to capture. There is something sadly about the girl, even though it feels like she's not sad. I rather get the feeling that she resigned to the reality she lives in which is not quite easy. The reflections in her eyes reveal the person behind the camera and even a little of the environment, which makes me even more curious about who she is and what's her story. Very well done!
- Therese Asplund

Hi Janie Cristina, please tell us about yourself!

I'm a freelance photographer from Denmark, who specializes in natural light emotional portraits.

How does it feel having your contribution winning the Image of the Month?

I am very very happy and honoured for this, which I truly feel is a great acknowledgment of my work. Especially because I've seen so many many great images submitted. I gave it a shot because I thought it would be a great opportunity and chance to see if I could have some response to my latest work.

Where and when is this photo taken?

'Portrait of a girl' was shot last fall, on October 22nd, in my hometown of Viborg, Denmark.

Wow, I have something with the number 22 and I often set important meetings, events, travels to this exact date. Now I am tempted to believe it was not a coincidence to book a session with this Girl on that date.

What is the story about your photo?

The beautiful model came to see me for a winter session. I had decided to do some black and white sessions, for the intention of exhibiting the best portraits if possible. It was set up on location in the latin quarter of Viborg, where I prefer to do my street sessions when at home. I was blessed with a natural light that day, which was beyond perfect. Cloudy with a little sun. Her posing and styling was improvisation and an understanding between me and the model who, despite her young age, was very professional and lovely to work with.

I suddenly had this vision of a young girl, sad and lonely, a very fragile soul, but with a certain inner strength. I am a very sensitive soul myself, and am drawn by sensitivity. The moment after I shot this exact image, I fell totally in love with it, and had to show it to her mum, all raw from my camera. Luckily she loved it, as much as I.

How did you get in to photographing?

I started visiting different photographers, in Aarhus mostly, when my baby son was signed up to a model agency around 7 years ago. He was booked by several clients and I always took him there myself. The following years I began to find it so exciting to follow him on locations and in the studios, seeing how the photographers worked with the kids, and I always waited impatiently for the results: the pictures. I thought to myself, that this was something I would want to do someday. I was later accepted into the mediacollege and my photography skills developed step by step, we got many great tasks and knowledge.

What objects and themes do you preferably photograph?

I have a big interest in people, the story in their faces and expressions. Living things.

I do a little fashion and nature once in a while, but the portraits, especially the emotional ones, are my drive and passion. Projects is a thing I worship, I had a series of redheads once, I have a project with sanitarians portraits, african roots, etc. I love editing, and I never get tired of learning. There are endlessly possibilities to explore, experiment and develop one's talent and way to see the world and people.

What kind of camera equipments do you use?

So far I have never been fond of studio lightning and a lot of equipment.

I often use the phrase 'less is more'. I like to work as 'simple' as possible, in the meaning I am not fond of making things too technical. My most recent camera, my Nikon full frame D750 is my best investment to date. I use a 70-200mm or 50mm, depending on wheather I shoot fashion/brand images or portraits. And then mostly just the natural daylight.

Maybe later on I will start doing more studio sessions. It is difficult to work outdoor in the winter season in Europe, with the few hours of light. But I am a daylight addict.

Do you photograph as a hobby (how often?) or is this your work?

When I started photographing my son and my blonde muse I didn't see myself go further with my photography than as a hobby. I owe a lot to this girl, who was my first real inspiration, and I still cherish to photograph her now and then. Well these 'at home in the window' or park sessions became the start of my project, which I never knew would be so successful, and such a pleasure as it is for me now, this moment we speak. Now I am lucky to travel around Denmark and cities in europe like Paris, London and Barcelona.

Tell us about your favorite photo memory?

My greatest photo memory is very hard to put a finger on. I do cherish all my kids sessions. Maybe I will have to choose my first sessions in Paris with kids models, when I was on a study trip during the first semester at Media College Denmark in 2013. It was a big turning point for me, to make a dream come true working with models abroad. And to be there with my classmates and teachers visiting Paris Photo and FotoFever. I was blown away!